An omni-channel internal news platform for Pepsi Co’s 250,000 worldwide employees. 

Pepfeed Responsive 2.jpg

Pepsi’s existing communications tools created disjointed, ad-hoc, static one-way conversations that employees were not reading. There are over 250,000 employees world wide that rely on these communications to perform their jobs, so Pepsi knew it was time for an overhaul. The Barbarian team began with in-depth user interviews of over 2,000 employees around the globe. We spoke with employees at all levels of the organization, from executives and managers, to the R&D scientists and delivery drivers. We discovered employees felt overwhelmed with the amount of content they had to sift through to find the information that mattered to them most.

Our solution was a personalized news feed that would filter that firehouse of content into one platform, where they could easily find their most important news in one convenient place. PepFeed was built as a seamless experience employees could access from a mobile device or desktop computer. We also worked closely with Pepsi’s internal IT team to help them create a robust CMS that could be managed locally and distributed globally. The end result was a modern associate focused communications tool accessible when and where the employee needed it. 

PepFeed Identiy.png

We developed an identity for the product to help establish the new platform.

Motion was a core consideration in the development of the identity for Pepfeed.

Topic icons

We also created a UI toolkit for the internal dev and design teams to use when developing new pages or products.

A short employee on-boarding video for the Pepfeed as it rolled out globally.