Pepsi Pass

An app enabled loyalty program that inspires, celebrates, and rewards friendship. 

Pepsi’s brand is all about music, sports and fun, but their previous rewards program, PXP, was none of those things. Pepsi asked The Barbarian Group to help them transform PXP into something that reflected their brand values and resonated with the target millennial audience better. The Barbarian strategy team conducted extensive research to discover what millennials wanted in a rewards program. The result was Pepsi Pass, a new kind of rewards program built on rewarding users for doing what they love to do: Hanging out with friends. When users hang out with a Facebook friend who also has the app, they both earn points. And Pepsi Pass uses geolocation to give you bonus points when you visit Pepsi locations. No check-ins required.

App Store and Play Store

Pepsi Pass 1.0.jpg

Social Media

To promote the app we released a series of short videos to explain the apps primary features and benefits. 


Brian Crooks, Edu Pou, Amy Toddenhagen, Michael Tseng, Dan Nichols, Felix Yip, Amanda Hellman, Giselle Guerrero, Dexter Cruz, Michael Mitzman, Mikell Fine Iles, Alex Lang, Alice Ng, Amy Rakowski and Ingrid Millman to name some of the many people who helped bring this project to life.

Version 1.2 update

With the summer snap a cap launch campaign over, we developed a new evergreen point earning feature: selfies with friends. Utilizing facial recognition, Pepsi Pass can now reward users with points for every face in a photo. More friends in the selfie means more points.


Pass was an ambitious program and was not without its hurdles. For example, we emphasized experiences over other forms of point earning and reward types. Follow up research showed this was a missed opportunity. Our target audience wanted more ways to earn points with product and more ways to redeem points for product.