Pizza Vinoteca

A tablet ordering app that puts the entire dining experience in the hands of the customers.

Pizza Vinoteca was a fast casual dining pizzeria in New York’s Union Square that wanted to modernize the entire dinning experience; from the dine-in and take-out ordering experience, to the food and drink preparation. Our goal was to extend the casual dining atmosphere and elegant design of the space into a guided ordering process that would provide a richer experience then you could get from a traditional paper menu.

The dine-in experience walked diners through the ordering process at their own pace, giving them the freedom to order what they want, when they want it. Intuitive and helpful, the app gave diners food recommendations and wine pairings based on what they were ordering. The take-out process was designed to help customers get in and out quickly and efficiently. A series of digital kiosks located near the entrance presented users with a streamlined ordering flow. After their order was placed, a digital order tracker located above the open kitchen entertained customers while their order was being prepared and alerted them when it was ready to be picked up.

Branding Design Memo-NYC


Take out kiosks and order tracker.